First Survey Questions (01.11.2016 in T1101)

Learning and Teaching Theory Online (LATTO): First Survey Questions (01.11.2016 in T1101)


1. Setting up the blogs? BA Course:                       | Staff name (optional)
  Staff experiences?
Briefly let us know what your experiences were of getting the students to set up their blogs?  







How long did it take you to get the student’s blogs onto the course blog?  




  Student experiences?
Are there any experiences that students have told you about the setting up of their blogs?  






2. Managing the blogs?
Staff experiences?
Tell us how you are managing the student’s blogs? What do you do with the blogs each week? How are you foregrounding the blogs in your teaching?  






  Student experiences?
How are the students engaging with their own blogs? What are they putting onto them? Are they doing this independently from your contact time with them?  





3. Future of the blogs?
Staff experiences?
How do you think you can get the students to create a Personal Learning Network/Environment? How are they connecting the work they are doing in the studio with the work you are doing?  
Student experiences?
Do you know what the students think the blogs are for? If so what?  




For the next stage of the project we will survey the students and ask some questions about their experiences with their blogs. What questions do you think we should ask them? 1.