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Digital ‘lens’ on the UK PSF: supporting the digital capabilities of teaching staff in UK HE

For each element of the United Kingdom Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), this resource: ● Identifies how staff might develop and/or demonstrate this element through activities in a digital setting or with a digital flavour ● Provides links to relevant resources for building digital practice and know­how This resource can also be used by professional staff who are seeking accreditation via the UK PSF for relevant aspects of their role, e.g. staff who support the use of technologies for learning and/or support the development of digital literacies.


Are you ready to create or deliver online learning?

This readiness tool aims to take you through some key questions which will identify your personal readiness for creating, delivering or supporting online learning. Whether you are starting out in this area or want to build on existing experience, this tool can help. This tool will take you through a series of questions you need to ask yourself when preparing to design online learning activities or courses. As well as offering a reflective process the tool will provide a brief synopsis of your experience levels and will offer further resources to take you forward. You can also browse through these resources using the ‘Explore by themes’ link at the top of this page.

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Digital Capability Discovery Tool Public Beta

The discovery tool gives you the opportunity to find out more about your own digital capability through a series of reflective questions and will provide you with feedback; a summary describing your capability, a list of possible actions that you can take to build your capability and links to resources and content that you can use to support your development in that area of digital.